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Sale of company vehicles

Selling company cars often takes your focus away from your business. At your vehicle is offered to our network of more than 70,000 approved dealers, with a reserve price you set yourself.

Key Features and Benefits

  • No warranty obligations
  • Sell at the highest price
  • You decide the reserve price
  • Save time
  • Receive bids from over 70,000 car dealers
  • Free sales advice

"Self Service" - register car

Sell at the market's
highest price
Decide the reserve price

You decide the reserve price, which the car reach before you will sell it.
Receive bids

Over 70,000 approved car dealers are ready and waiting to bid on your car. You receive an email after each bid.

The buyer picks up the car from you, and you receive payment for it. This service will cost you between EUR 160 and EUR 275 ex. VAT according to the reserve price of the car.