Prices previously attained
at the car auction

The best way to find out the wholesale price of a car is by comparing it with bids received from other dealers for similar cars during the last 90 days.


Passenger cars

Alfa Romeo   Infiniti   Peugeot
Audi   Jaguar   Renault
BMW   Jeep   SYM
Chevrolet   Kia   Seat
Citroën   Land Rover   Suzuki
DS Automobiles   MINI   Tesla
Dacia   Mazda   Toyota
Fiat   Mercedes-Benz   VW
Ford   Mitsubishi   Volvo
Honda   Nissan   Škoda
Hyundai   Opel    


Commercials Vans

Citroën   Mercedes-Benz   Schmidt
Fiat   Nissan   Toyota
Ford   Opel   VW
Iveco   Peugeot   nissen
MAN   Renault      

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Become an approved dealer at the car auction and get access to buy and sell cars at competitive market prices.


A perfect experience

With over 70,000 approved dealers buying and selling cars, I can always find a colleague who will pay a good price. We therefore always use when we sell wholesale.
Paul Long