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BMW 520

The best way to find out the wholesale price of a car is by comparing it with bids received from other dealers for similar cars during the last 90 days.

Sales prices attained at the auction during the last 90 days

Year BMW 520 BHP Mileage Sales price
Car +VAT
2018 DA 140KW, Diesel, 4d, Auto, Black -1 km 163,931 EUR 25,123
2019 DA 140KW TOURING, Diesel, 5d, Auto, Blue 190 km 166,954 EUR 21,761
2018 DA 140KW TOURING CORPORATE LEASE STEPTRONIC EDITION, Diesel, 5d, Auto, Black -1 km 78,698 EUR 27,339
2017 DA 2.0 140KW STEPTRONIC EDITION, Diesel, 4d, Auto, Grey 190 km 103,810 EUR 21,037
2019 IA 135KW, Petrol, 4d, Auto, Blue 184 km 101,911 EUR 20,233
2019 IA 135KW, Petrol, 4d, Auto, Blue 184 km 145,875 EUR 19,506

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