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The best way to find out the wholesale price of a car is by comparing it with bids received from other dealers for similar cars during the last 90 days.

Sales prices attained at the auction during the last 90 days

Year Ford Kuga BHP Mileage Sales price
Car VAT Marginal
2017 SUV Titanium, 2.0 TDCi Diesel, 5d, Manual 6speed, 4WD, Blue 150 km 58,884 EUR 16,481
2010 SUV Titanium, 2.5 Turbo Petrol, 5d, Automatic 5speed, 4WD, Tango 200 km 182,606 EUR 7,200
Car +VAT
2018 1.5 ECOBOOST 88KW 2WD TREND ULTIMATE, Petrol, 5d, Manual, Blue 120 km 69,231 EUR 11,651
2021 SUV Cool & Connect, 1.5 EcoBlue Diesel, 5d, Automatic 8speed, FWD, Grey 120 km 9,015 EUR 22,541
2018 Monovolume 4x4 2.0 Tdci 150cv Pshift S&s Awd Business, Diesel, 5d, Auto 6speed, Blu Metallizzata 150 km 44,512 EUR 16,000
2018 Monovolume 4x4 2.0 Tdci 150cv Pshift S&s Awd Business, Diesel, 5d, Auto 6speed, Nero Metallizzata 150 km 113,969 EUR 15,400
2017 SUV ST Line, 1.5 TDCi Diesel, 5d, PowerShift 6speed, FWD, Charcoal grey 120 km 168,302 DKK 77,000
2021 SUV ST Line X Nordic, 2.5 Duratec PHEV Petrol, 5d, e-CVT 1speed, FWD, Black 224 km 16,112 DKK 235,000
2019 SUV ST-Line, 2.0 TDCi Diesel, 5d, PowerShift 6speed, 4WD, Black 179 km 196,447 DKK 105,000
2017 1.5i EcoBoost 120PK 2WD Trend Ultimate, 1.5 Petrol, 5d, Manual, Shadow Black 120 km 171,172 EUR 10,211

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